Come let us show you our Island!

Welcome to the Rusty Rover Home on the Web!

As you, our guest, have chosen to visit Prince Edward Island it is our mission to show you “Our 
Island”, to explain to you who we are, how we came to be here and what we do here.  

We use professionalism at all times in our driving, sightseeing and our relating of the facts
that make this island the special place that it is and make us Islanders who we are.

Impressive history and gentle geography combine to give you a close-up view of our culture -
seemingly relaxed and laid-back, always ready to enjoy a good visit but who are hard 
workers on our farms, fishing boats, factories and offices too.

You will never find more variety, more things to see and do, and the most industrious, 
interesting and hospitable people packed into a such a small island!

Guests may select either a customized tour or a pre-planned tour.  Customized tours are
priced according to time requirements.
We can also provide step-on guides for larger groups who come by motor coach.
Look us up on TripAdvisor. Listen to us on Twitter. Say hello on Facebook. Come by 
cruise ship and take Rusty's Shore Excursion. Fly in by private plane or Air Canada, Jazz, 
WestJet, Delta or Sunwing. Book a tour with us (four hours or more) and we will pick 
you up at the airport at no charge! Any way is a good way to get to PEI and enjoy a PEI tour.

So come - let us show you Our Island, our beautiful island, Prince Edward Island!

Lobster lunch with Rusty Rover!
Rusty's Sunset Picnic